Select Project Services

Larpro provides project delivery services including project engineering, procurement, construction management, planning, contract administration, document control and cost control functions. We also manage functional activities such as quality, safety, environment, and community relations to provide full project delivery capability.

Larpro adopts a highly systematic approach to all aspects of project execution and we aim to (sensibly) bring major project practices and their accompanying checks and balances to any project we undertake. Project processes and procedures are all tailored to the discrete requirements of each project, and we provide project specific plans and procedures for all projects for which Larpro is providing project delivery services. These are based on industry best practice and incorporate particular owner’s requirements as necessary.

This systematic approach is consistent with our desire to create a ‘no surprises’ culture in the organisation, to afford the level of certainty to our clients that they require as the basis for making their own business decisions.