Project Management Services

Larpro provides project management services which typically include various permutations of the following functions:

  • Client Representation (i.e., act as the Owner’s representative)
  • Manage design, procurement and construction activities on projects
  • Develop schedules for all phases of project execution including obtaining project approvals, undertaking studies, design, construction, commissioning and handover.
  • Define the Project organisational structure and execution philosophies
  • Issue and assess proposals from contractors/suppliers/stakeholders
  • Manage discrete elements of design, procurement and construction activities
  • Audit design, procurement, and construction activities on projects
  • Award and administer contracts relevant to projects
  • Monitor and report on time, cost, and quality aspects of projects
  • Audit projects for performance and/or compliance with stakeholder requirements
  • Provide Project Scope Definition and refinement
  • Prepare project briefs for various stakeholders and purposes